Large update to the website.
29th March 2016 // 22:01

Large changes to the infrastructure of the website, streamlining of CSS and elements, plus the addition of my new generation 4 profile picture have been made. Everything works a bit better and it's pretty exciting, although scrolling from the Arcadia logo to the navbar every time you click is a bit disconcerting.

I've ordered a ModMic, so I should be documenting my projects pretty soon. Website should start getting more active. I also added the new art to my Steam account that you can check out, and my YouTube channel of which I just added a clip on there that was pretty nice.

I've also changed hosts from the free 000webhost service, to a paid for hosting service by NFOservers, so annoying pop up ads are a thing of the past. Always have been. Stay tuned for more.

New website launch!
25th January 2016 // 17:33

After a very long "development" time, the new website has finally been designed and is now launched! Projects are being continually added overtime, so as to document them. The main way I plan to layout my projects is by a thumbnail, title, short description and then link to a demonstration video that will be embedded from my channel.

Check out the Projects tab to see new documentations when they appear. I can't promise they'll appear frequently though.